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Startup Suitcase

*Social entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to apply

Startups have limited resources and unlimited hurdles in their quest to find a scalable & repeatable business model with a product / service that actually works. Tech entrepreneurs either spend too much time building out a product that would stand the test of usability, or try to get a half cooked and a crappy offering that ruins user experience. While the former approach delays much needed market validation and puts added strain on the slim resources, the latter amounts to shooting yourself in the foot with disgruntled early adopters, who could have otherwise become key allies in getting to scale.

Startup Suitcase provides a unique approach of rapid product development without putting strain on cash reserves of the startup. It also gives them the opportunity of deploying robust products quickly to get market traction. Under the program, startups are able to use ready made / pre-built modules for different segments, namely on-demand services, transportation & logistics, hospitality, healthcare and real estate etc. to get their products off the ground quickly.

We take minimal cash from startups as part of the engagement, and can work flexibly on equity, revenue share and / or other models on a case by case basis.We take a few select projects / business ideas every quarter for the Startup Suitcase program on a rolling basis. We highly encourage social entrepreneurs solving complex social problems to apply. Please submit your project details below so we can evaluate suitability for the program.

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Web apps come with complete back-end connectivity and database design and is implemented using a multi-tier approach. We offer development expertise in a wide range of bleeding edge technologies including Angular, React.js, Razor, PHP and ASP.Net etc.


Expertise in native and cross platform app development in iOS, Android & Windows environment.


Our experts, can provide you eye catching and highly user friendly product designs. We pay close attention to flows and not individual screens because we know that is what builds a great user experience.


We provide help on developing a full blown business model canvas iteratively under the guidance of highly experienced professionals with hands-on experience in lean startup methodologies.


Building financial plans for 5 - 10 years for investment pitches is a cumbersome job. We help fulfill this need of the startups so they can sail through their investor meetings and secure funds quickly.


We connect you with the right investors and mentors for scaling your startups and testing out hypotheses to find a repeatable and scalable business.

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