About Us

Who We Are

We are working on ideas for social impact with focus on low-income workers. Our team consists of experts in business and technology areas with passion to solve complex social problems in a sustainable manner. We follow a lean methodology and rely extensively out of the building surveys to assess problems and needs in order to come up with the right solutions for them.

Most low-income workers suffer from lack of enough work to fill-up their days which directly impacts their livelihoods and that of their dependents. Furthermore, the market for low-skilled lacks structure which results in inefficiencies and poor service experience. Over the years mobile phone usage has become extremely popular even amongst the low income population. In such a situation, Odd Jobber plays a very effective role in creating a marketplace for low-skilled workers who are alerted about opportunities over their mobile phones based on their proximity to the service request point, skill set and service ratings. Workers respond with their bids against each request and are informed once the users accept their bids over the mobile phone network. Workers are routinely screened against certain performance benchmarks and provided trainings and tips to improve their service ratings.

Up until now we have gain recognition by making it to the finals of Global Initiative through Science & Technology (GIST) Competition in 2013, and attained 2nd position in Pakistan Startup Cup. We have an elite panel of advisers that constantly monitor progress on our our quest to create significant impact in the lives of many.


Adnan Khawaja

CEO, Founder

18 years of experience in Tecnology Management, BSC(Hons) LUMS in CS.

Adeel Meer

Director Business (North America)

More than 15 years of industry experience and a techno commercial wizard, MSC, Dartmouth university.