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Lead, Adapt & Solve Program (LASP)

The purpose of the program is to constructively work on current and foreseeable future leadership challenges in our society that need collaborative and coordinated efforts and exercising adaptive leadership skills to solve these.

To elaborate, the program involves exercising leadership & motivational skills to align people to a common purpose, and utilizing creative thinking, problem solving and resource pooling capabilities to improve a situation needing attention. The idea is to improve our adaptive leadership and collaborative capabilities while solving small or bigger problems. Also one doesn’t necessarily have to be in a position of authority to exercise leadership or to solve problems through the program. The broad themes we are currently working on pertain to:

Access To Justice:
This includes addressing issues with respect to policing, inefficient judicial process and lack of appropriate legislation. Some of the immediate tasks include developing a constructive framework to address issues with respect to child abuse custody related matters.

Working on a platform for collaboration & coordination of different government, non-governmental organizations, charity organizations, community members to respond effectively to heath, economic, food shortage related issues etc. Also the purpose of the program is to improve patient care, fund implementation of innovative solutions and to digitally enable commercial & business activities to drive economic growth forward which has been hampered by the pandemic.

Revisiting Science, Intelligent Design & Faith Building:
People in the scientific world and academia have for long been blindly following the theory of natural selection and evolution as a potent explanation for the existence of life. This has impacted our analytical thinking, value system, approach towards scientific research & religion and attitude and outlook towards life in general. Whereas latest scientific and factual data debunks Darwinism, it is important to encourage especially academia to discuss, and introduce concepts of intelligent design, and follow where the evidence leads to. Also certain faith building segments are averse to analytical work and synthesis of available scientific data which leads to a regressive approach. It is therefore important for faith building segments/ groups to use science as a means to understand the work of God rather than viewing it as His replacement.

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