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Stargazing Educational Program

Unlocking the hidden talents of a child and helping him/her grow into unique personalities, requires removing obstacles for learning in their path and providing them with the opportunity to discover things by themselves and at their own pace. Through the Stargazing Learning Program we provide the child adequate space and interest for them to grow intellectually and spiritually and discover themselves in the process. With adequate curiosity they will learn to self-regulate their pace and become confident in applying their knowledge to solve problems & learn essential skills required in life.

The fun-based experiential learning approach allows them to enjoy the educational program as if it is a game and allows them to invest their energies more rigorously towards learn and discover the world of science, mathematics, languages, social studies, intelligent design & faith building etc. in a whole new way.


Experiential Learning
Self paced
Fun Activities
Exploring Hidden Talents
Increasing Confidence
Scientific Approach
Faith Building
Essential skills

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